Andhra Pradesh Paper Mills Limited

Detailed analysis and submission of recommendations for modification of the existing wood pulping line to process bagasse pulp (1988)

Technical audit and mill development study of a 80,000 tpa integrated pulp and paper mill (1990)

Assistance in the development of a proposal for revival/rehabilitation of a 40,000 tpa integrated pulp and paper mill (1990)

Revival/rehabilitation of Kerasinter Ltd – a 13,200 tpa ceramic tiles unit (1991)

Procurement assistance in mill modernization of chemical recovery, pulp mill and paper machines for a 85,000 tpa integrated pulp and paper mill (1993)

Technical and engineering services including project management for mill expansion project (1994)

Preparation of a detailed project report for mill development plan (1998)

Safety audit and recommendations for recommencement of digester operation (2001)

Techno-economic feasibility report for integration of APPM and CPM in association with Amec Simons, Canada (2002)

Rapid EIA study in connection with expansion and modernization of the mill (2004)

Complete design and detail engineering and project management services for implementation of expansion scheme involving, inter alias, the largest single line ECF pulp mill in the country (ongoing)

Engineering and consultancy services for installation of a 34MW TG set (ongoing)